The category of People includes students and freelancers/experts.

The Living Lab aims to involve students (undergraduates, graduates, academic) to give them the opportunity to: provide innovative ideas to companies involved in the activities of the Living Lab, accede to internships and theses, participate in research activities and be part of panel/testing. The motivation that drives students to be part of the LL are: the interest in the topics dealt within the Living Lab, the opportunity of training and of a first professional experience supported by skilled people of various fields, the improvement of their technical-professional background, curiosity, the chance to see their ideas realized and have access to a wider network of contacts .

Also, the Living Lab aims to engage freelancers or industry experts who see participation in the activities of Living Lab as: an opportunity for training and updating on the latest technological innovations, the chance to access to new areas of business and to expand the network of contacts. The added value offered by freelancers to the Living Lab consists of an enlargement of the network, innovative ideas and specialized consulting services.