ICT Companies

ICT companies are critical in the process of customization and integration of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) softwares to simplify or solve the high design complexity typical of the aviation industry and of advanced mechanics sectors, among the highest in the complex industry.

Indeed these companies are primarily concerned with:

- to provide of information management systems all the phases of the product life cycle and integrate them with each other;

- to allow access to all data dimensions of products and processes, structuring the scientific and technical knowledge with a level of holistic integration.

These users play an essential role in the activities of the Living Lab as co-creators, early adopters and potential customers of the technologies and methodologies developed in the lab. Their presence in KLIOLab will ensure the development of solutions to solve real problems in complex manufacturing environments according to the logic of holistic engineering. The main incentives to participate in the activities of the Living Lab are: the outsourcing of non-core activities, the expansion of the network of relationships, real business problem solving, the involvement of young resources with more innovative ideas.