Added value service sector is divided into three types of macro-services: Funding, Mentoring, Awarding.


Dealing with Funding Services, the Living Lab provides access to its own calls, manages internal funding opportunities for private funds, announcements  and related expressions of interest from users.


Mentoring activities are carried out principally by the users of KLIOLab which provide guidelines for the issues of training courses (undergraduate and postgraduate), do mentoring to students or guide companies in the reuse of Best Practices. The Communication Staff organizes team building sessions for the interested users.


Awarding services are partly attributed to the Communications Staff who picks out the profiles of users (students, ...) which are considered most suitable for internships and/or work positions.

The partners of Living Lab can award companies and associations with "certifications" of skills useful to involve them, according to needs, in the innovative projects undertaken by the Living Lab and facilitate the assessment of the competitiveness of the company in that field.

They are also awards given during events: through an administrative procedure starts an "announcement" and then the selection of the call is managed by a steering committee composed of the partners of the Living Lab.

The partners can also manage -is the case of PA- calls for internships, job positions, etc. on behalf of the Living Lab.