Resources service sector is divided into three types of macro-services: Cooperation, Training, Resources sharing.


Cooperation activities are enabled by the spontaneous collaboration of users within the Living Lab to develop projects or to support the design of innovative proposals coming from the bottom.   


Training activities are coordinated by the KLIOLab Staff but require strong support from users as they will be those who will play the role of both teachers and students in dedicated specialized courses (LdB), webinars, on-site training sessions or seminars.        

Resources sharing services are provided for most by the users of the Living Lab because they can acquire and share new resources for the staff, Best Practices, skills, co-working spaces, laboratories, physical spaces for meetings or high skills to support projects and be part of testing in on purpose shared structures.

The management of the private cloud is committed to the Informatic Staff while the collection of CV and the management of best practices is undertaken by the Communication division.