The KLIOLab approaches the innovation process from a bottom-up technology-to-business point of view, by helping the actors of the four P-P-P-P domains in such path. Sustainable Production, Green Growth, Employment and Territorial Development will be at the basis of new projects, products and services. This will also imply the definition of new training trends increasing the competences of involved people. Analysis of actors and of businesses vulnerabilities will lead to strengthening the resilience of this industrial ecosystem.

Among the projects key-leverages, KLIOLab lists the major presence of the DHITECH, the Italian High-Tech District, resulting in a significant resonance in the development of a major operation in Italy.

The DHITECH operates primarily on the basis of projects for applied research and training, funded thanks to the regional, national and EU actions in support of technological innovation. DHITECH operates mainly through the network of public and private laboratories of its members. The ecosystem has as reference the European model of "Knowledge and Innovation Communities" whose development approach is based on the use and dissemination of knowledge. Primary strategic objective to achieve is the creation of a significant critical mass of development actors, among which is the central figure of the "Innovators/Entrepreneurs", young people who, with a solid scientific base/techniques, are able to promote and implement development paths of knowledge to innovate the production system through the creation of new High-Tech businesses.
Projects currently underway are for the most part funded under the National Operational Plan 2007-2013 of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Regional Operational Plan 2007-2013 of the Puglia region.