Governance of the KLIOLab

The governance ruling the KLIOLab is simple. DHITECH is the host organization of KLIOLab. One member for each KLIOLab partner participates in the Advisory Board whose responsibility is to define periodical analysis of the future industrial scenarios and the expected role of the KLIOLab in the territorial and transnational innovation domains and to support the industrialisation of marketable results.

The added-value in KLIOLab is built around three strategic tasks:
1) monitoring the territorial innovation needs and the citizens’ and students’ ideas on PLM methodologies and technologies for complex product, and promoting interaction among the PPPP pillars, this task relates to communication and engagement towards all the actors of the LL, including specific activities aiming at aggregating the individuals’ supports; 
2) recognizingscientificandindustrialinnovations able to solve industrial problem, to enable new and more effective or efficient management or production processes, to simplify current processes; this task is strongly committed to identify innovations (ideas, methodologies, systems, applications, tools, techniques, …) at the research and development or prototyping stage, in particular in the software industry;     
3) answering to industrial innovation needs, this task is strongly committed to making the industrial partners recognize their limitations, their problems and the production sectors that can be improved through innovative solutions.


Currently the on-top managers leading the KLIOLab tasks are Ing. Marianovella Mello,  (DHITECH), Co-operation activities Responsible, animating the KLIOLab community and monitoring the whole contribution towards the achievement of a social and territorial impact (task 1), Prof. Angelo Corallo (Università del Salento), Technological and scientific innovation Responsible, who is mostly involved in the recognizing innovative scientific opportunities (task 2), Ing. Danilo Cannoletta (Alenia Aermacchi), Industrialization Responsible, whose role is to let emerging new industrial challenges (task 3).

The KLIOLab and its partners are involved in the following national and international initiatives:

- KHIRA ( is a research project funded by the Minister of Scientific Research and aims at developing innovative Product Lifecycle Management systems to leverage the whole knowledge created during the product development cycle,

- KITE.IT ( is a research project funded by the Minister of Scientific Research and aims at developing models and tools to support digital business relationships in business ecosystems,

- Practice ( is an FP7 project and is aimed at designing cloud computing technologies that allow computations in the cloud thus enabling new business processes while keeping the used data secret.